Andrew Menaker – Self-Paced Full Course

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Andrew Menaker – Self-Paced Course


Andrew Menaker – Self-Paced Course


About Course:

The Self-Paced Course Includes:

  • OVER SEVEN HOURS OF VIDEO – Key concepts explaining the reasons for the exercises and techniques Andrew uses with his one-on-one clients. The first video (75 min.) presents a unique and very powerful way to improve your trading.
  • TWO WORKBOOKS – Covers key topics and actionable practical techniques that Andrew’s coaching clients receive. Includes over 30 actionable techniques and exercises to help you manage your emotions and take control of your actions leading to improved trading performance.

Plan the trade, and trade the plan? Easier said than done.

  • Are those post-it notes with the words, Be Patient! working?
  • Having trouble tamping down your ego’s need to be right and holding losers too long?
  • Frozen with analysis paralysis and letting good trades pass you by?
  • Exiting early because you’re afraid to lose your unrealized gains?

Closing the performance gap requires some focus on you. It’s what you do under pressure that matters most. The Self-Paced Course is designed to help you develop the type of self-awareness and self-management needed to close the performance gap.

Andrew Menaker – Self-Paced Full Course
Andrew Menaker – Self-Paced Full Course

Original price was: ₹49,000.Current price is: ₹1,400.

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