ASFX Advanced Divergence Training Course

D1 Entry & Exit System

The D1 is an In-Trend, Pullback signal

In this section you will gain a clear understanding of how toidentify and trade better risk/reward opportunities.

You will learn how to…

  • Identify a potential D1 entry
  • Measure risk/reward for potential trade setups
  • Interpret factors of probability so you can properly grade a potential trade
  • Use multiple time frames to confirm or deny an entry
  • Use the D1 System checklist before you take a trade
  • PLUS, hundreds of trade walkthroughs
After 130+ slides explaining the D1 System, we will then do same thing for the D2 system.

D2 Entry & Exit System


The D2 is a Counter-Trend, Reversal signal

This includes…

  • Details on how to identify and measure counter trend risk/reward opportunities
  • Understanding of the exact parameters that factor into theprobabilities of your trades
  • Clear-cut entry and exit systems
  • The D2 System checklist
  • Of course…even more trade walkthroughs
Once you understand and learn how to apply these techniques to your trading strategy you will be able to trade more decisively with bigger positions and better risk management.