MG Mentorship Course

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MG Mentorship Mentorship Course 2023

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1. Understand How Trendline and candlestick Patterns Doesn’t Work & How retail trader always lose money.

2. Banks Liquidity

3. Deep Understanding of Imbalance & Fixed Range Volume Profile

4. Advance Market Structure

5. Order Block Identification

6. Discount & Premium Zones

7. Identify Key Area {Point of Interest (POI)

8. Advance Price Channel Secrets

9. Breakout & Breakdown Identification

10. Entry & SL

11. ( Combine all ) 2 secret trading setup.

12. Complete Forex Trading Course

13. Risk Management & Position Sizing

14. Psychology Management



MG  Mentorship Course
MG Mentorship Course

Original price was: ₹15,000.Current price is: ₹898.

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