TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Honbasho – Complete 3 Volumes) Course

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TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Honbasho – Complete 3 Volumes)


TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Honbasho – Complete 3 Volumes)


TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Complete 3 Volumes)


It’s Time You Learn How to Read A Chart

Stop feeling lost. Learn how to trade the smart way. Making trading easier and increase your accuracy by learning the number 1 chart reading method.

✓ Over 45 Lessons

including, videos, charts, and text compiled and designed to take you from a beginner to expert technical analysis.

✓ This is not your typical run-of-the-mill trading course

You won’t just learn regurgitated and faulty technical analysis heavily based on the use of indicators. We’ve broken down the fundamentals in a simple, concise, and logical way to easily learn.

✓ Trading Playbook

You’ve probably heard of success stories of great traders, and wondered how you could get into it, how you could potentially change your future, leave your 9-5 job, use your profits as a nest egg for retirement, or vacations, or your kid’s education.


How Does Tradersumo Academy Work?

Trader Sumo enables traders with all the tools needed to prevent them from failing and reaching their goals. Save precious time and master price action trading. All it takes is 3 simple steps…


✓ Volume 1 – Building Foundations

TraderSumo does his best to detail the beginning stages of chart reading by exposing the new trader to chart reading fundamentals. We begin to unearth the significance of how charts utilize price action in the forms of trends, momentum and price levels. We must begin with the basics until we’ve gained mastery before further expanding our knowledge.


✓ Volume 2 – Trading Meta

TraderSumo begins to describe in detail the meta of technical analysis and chart reading. After learning some of the core concepts of technical analysis, we continue to build on the more complex applications of trend, levels, and how S/R level form. Further, we learn how momentum is generated and where potential trades could be taken


✓ Volume 3 – Price Action Analysis

This course further details the complexities of price action trading and even dives into some of the psychological aspects that traders experience each day. You will continue to progress in your understanding of trends, sub-trends and levels. You will also begin to understand the importance of risk management while learning common mistakes


About TraderSumo


He has been trading stocks, forex, options and futures since 2009. He primarily day trades futures full time. He has deep passion for all things trading. In 2018, he successfully predicted the cryptocurrency market crash when Bitcoin was priced around 15k, and correctly predicted nearly all major corrections in major crypto pairs. He also advises undisclosed CTAs on positions and trading strategies


TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Honbasho – Complete 3 Volumes) Course
TraderSumo – DopeTrades – TraderSumo Academy (Honbasho – Complete 3 Volumes) Course

Original price was: ₹120,000.Current price is: ₹6,000.

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